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Adam smiled and sat on his bed, hanging his shirt over the post. Hmm. Very professional. It was a soft comment after her desires to stand and stay near her exit as well as to not accept any hospitality. His smile widened. The Lady Rogue isn't even in the city right now. She may say what she likes from wherever she is vacationing. However, my ideas are not quite anarchy, my friend. It is nearly impossible to live in a society without rules of some kind or another bounding us, keeping us in our places. I understand the need for order to some degree. My problems reside with the current system. The king takes our money. We are told it is our right as citizens to have our money stolen by the king. Tithes, taxes, crop allocation, et cetera. In fact, it is a privilege to give it to him. A bit of sarcasm crept into his voice as his green eyes paled slightly. To put things quite frankly, we are being stolen from. Of course, those with your sort of skill and mine steal from others and are stolen from in return. It seems to be the way of the current regime. But have you ever seen a guard that doesn't take a bribe? I've seen very few. There are some guards that will rape or maim just because they have the power to do so. His voice was becoming colored with that undercurrent of passion. There is no justice from the ones who are supposed to keep it. I don't seek to be lawless. I don't want to take power for myself. I simply want to topple everything that is in place right now. This supposed Order is nothing except an established set of rules designed to crush the weak, the poor, and those who weren't privileged enough to be born into the aristocracy.

He chuckled bitterly and brushed the hair from his forehead in a quick gesture even though it simply fell back on and tickled. The truth is that this world is foul. It is mired in things labeled "tradition" or... or "laws", but these things only benefit a select few. If you have sat down to read a historical account of the world, you would find that every time a ruler dies or a regime is deposed or a some sort of coup happens the world gets shaken to its very foundations. For too long now, our society has stagnated or, with a death of a leader, things are shaken the wrong way. I propose to shake things the correct way. I don't want glory. I don't need fame. I don't do this for myself. I do it because it needs to be done. The world is a false world that doesn't care about its inhabitants. The world be damned! I would burn it down to rebuild it if I must! The fire blazed in his eyes, his voice louder than he had initially intended it to be. His left fist was clenched in the air near his heart. He spoke with passion, with vehemence. It was intense and throughout his words, it had built so steadily. And I was shown this corrupt world by the corrupt. They should all pay for their misdeeds. I will sew chaos everywhere I go until I find my way to the palace and choke the life out of the false figurehead of our corrupted world.
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