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Her voice was a low murmur, "Had the hinges not been greased, I would have greased them myself before using the window." It was a small retort, one that defended her own experience, and her raised eyebrow dared him to challenge it. When he offered her a seat, she didn't take it. Instead, she pushed her hood down around her shoulders, studying him as she leaned casually against the frame of the window, holding an act that said she expected him to expect her. But his nonchalant attitude was a sore bruise at that moment.

"I've no need for a drink, though, if you truly wish to do so, by all means, you may call for one yourself. I'm sure the barkeep is intent on keeping you pleased with the services of his domain." There was a light mocking tone in her voice. Her eyes glanced him over, and she put a smirk across her lips, as if assessing his attractiveness. It was, honestly, quite astounding. Not that it matters. I'm not likely to find someone attractive, if I find someone at all." She studied him a moment longer, her poise one of a wary animal. Her hands remained loose by her sides, her back kept to a wall, and she was near the same exit she had entered by. It would not seem uncommon for any who lived among rogues.

Her gaze was icy cold, for all of her expression. He was being weighed, measured. But for all the icyness, a spark of curiosity remained. After all, he was something she didn't know about in the city. "You have...some interesting ideas." Her comment was one that would hopefully lead him on to speak of his "ideas" that she had heard of earlier that day. "I haven't seen one such as you...well, ever. The Lady Rogue discourages anarchists among her own. I believe it may be the one point her and guards agree on..."
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