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Adam had sat, picking through the book with a minor irritation, until there was a soft noise. It was the sound of a soft sliding, a whisper of a noise. That is, until the woman started talking to him. He turned slowly to look at her and smiled. Oh, it's you. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to find your way here or not. Turns out, you're fairly good. If I hadn't greased the hinges, I probably would have heard you coming. Of course, I did invite you didn't I? He nodded before looking back to his book, placing the marker inside the pages, closing it shut with a soft snap, and setting it back on the table. As for hiskrs, well, this book won't be giving you the answer you seek there. His voice was conversationally friendly, not overly friendly, but not closed down. He reacted without any surprise that she was there, as if he expected her all along though he had begun to believe that, if she was coming, she would have used the front door like most other women he had met. That she hadn't... well, that at least was interesting. More interesting than the book anyway.

He stood and turned to face her, his mouth stretched in a closed lip smile, his eyes assessing even as they glittered with intelligence. Would you like the chair to sit on? A drink? I'm sure I could get us both something. Room service may not have a bell, but I've got a loud enough voice to call the barkeep up to get us what we would. He held out his hand towards the chair, offering the sturdy little wooden thing to her if she desired it. His bed was an unspoken offer though the chair was near to it as well and his offering hand encompassed them both from her point of view. His shirt, of course, was still rumpled on the bed. I wonder what got her. Curiosity more than what I look like or a combination? Perhaps she heard me in the market and is interested in my speech? Doubtful though, she is so... cold. Very professional. I wonder what she's thinking. Ah, the game. I love these games. He would refuse to ask her name or offer his unless she asked. It was a customary part of this meeting. If it was a legitimate business, he would not have hesitated to give his name, like at the brothel or the inn's front door. But she had come in through the window and that spoke of a purely different set of skills, more in line with his own, though he was quite a different sort of rogue, one that wanted to be seen. At times.
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