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Not silent, but quiet, Maia smiled to herself. Following someone, and staying unnoticed, was her specialty. And it was quite apparent that the man in front of her had no idea he was being followed. The white flag of his shirt made him easy to see, and she moved carefully through the crowd. Pausing, now and then, but never letting him get too far ahead.

She watched him from across the street, shaded by a competitor inn as he entered the Merry Faun. She recognized the place. Had never stayed there, but had gathered information from walking past it. Settling into a comfortable lean, she watched the building. He would come out eventually. After a few minutes, she moved, her walk casual and easy as she crossed the street, and ducked into the alley that led to behind the inn. Casing the building. After all, he might leave by a back exit. She moved past the stables, and movement up above caught her eye. A window cracked open, blinds carelessly pulled back.

Maia caught just the barest glimpse of blond hair, and an angular face. There he was. A sudden burst of spontaneity ran through her. The curiosity was eating at her. Slowly, she looked for a way up the side of the building. She found it in the slender lattice that was sturdy enough to support her weight. Taking her time, she scaled it, hooking her fingers carefully and makign sure there was no more than whispers of sound against the wood, and finally, after what seemed far too long, was at his window, perched precariously on the sill. She looked at the hinges, noting that they were well oiled, and kept her sigh of relief in her lungs. The window cracked wider, and she slid in through the small gap, letting herself settle by the curtains, her grey cloak blending with the shadow as she let her eyes adjust to the dim light of the chamber.

Her icy eyes studied the man, and blinked at his supposedly rhetorical question. She shifted, winced at the sound of soft soled boots on floorboards, and spoke up, rather than try to continue to hide or fleeing. "Well, some people actually find it interesting. If I cared to read the histories of hiskrs, I might just be able to find why they make such good theives, if one bothers to teach them.." Her voice was soft, still cold, but her eyes glinted with the curiosity he had counted upon his manner awakening.
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