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Then she's a lady if she's neither thug nor bully. He continued on, not giving rise to her words in one fashion or another. She was cold, it seemed, as an icicle. Lovely in the sun, dripping with frigid cold, yet a sort of natural artistry. Perhaps she'd follow. He made no efforts to escape if she had or hadn't. He had lost the guards a while ago and had no fear of reprisal this early in the game. His white shirt was a beacon as it swayed on his shoulder. His stride was easy, relaxed, neither too fast nor slow. He headed back to the Merry Faun, his duties in the city concluded. He would get his money's worth and sleep in the room he had paid for so his horse could continue to get his rest as well.

The Inn and Tavern was moderately priced, neither hole-in-the-wall nor one that would draw nobleborn to it. It was simply clean and not too loud. He waved at the old, graybearded man who stood at the bar, wiping luncheon glasses, spitshining them for good luck, perhaps. His room was up the stairs and last down the hall. The curtains were boldly open. Adam cracked it open to let the air come in. He settled his shirt on the bed, sat down in the small chair nearby the small table and picked up the book sitting atop it. It was a simple book, old, the bindings bent, about the reported historical beginnings of the hiskrs in the west. Nothing too interesting, but it gave him something to do to clear his mind. He was mildly disappointed that no one had seemed to follow him or steal into his room through the cracked window, though he kept listening. His risks were careless, he knew, but he enjoyed the games. And so it was that Sirticlaw was descended from Great Claw the Mountain Cat... Blah blah blah... These histories are just as boring as anything else. How can anyone bear it? He sighed. I should have picked a different book...
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