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His words were eloquent, but all they raised were a soft snort. Her voice was icy, her will keeping the curiosity she felt in check. "Any who try to lay claim to an alleyway like this one is naught but a thug and a bully. Neither are those I will tolerate, sir." Though her voice was icy with sarcasm, the word slipped out without thought. Better to be polite. Besides, his words, and his bow, had a flare of nobility, not learned, but lived.

She automatically shifted to avoid coming to close, moving with a few steps to remain out of grabbing reach. Innerly, her curiosity piqued, raised all the more by his careless manner and mysterious way of simply leaving her supposed "territory". Any man who was against order would go against the rogues as well. Their lives were built on order, just a different one than the rest of the city.

She waited, torn, and finally, with a short huff of air leaned against a wall, waiting for him to get far enough away. The only way to get rid of her curiosity, insane as a cats it was, was to satisfy it. Maia tested her hand on the knife-whip at her side, taking comfort in it's cushioned chain. When she deemed him far enough away, the rogue slid her hood up, as if to shade her eyes from the sun, and began to follow.
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