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Adam slowed his breathing, listened to his pulse, suppressed the urge to laugh. It was a welling in his throat, the smirk on his face. Stand trial? Don't make me laugh! There is no justice there either. I will plunge this whole city into chaos, burn every building, and leave a charred ruin where it stands. If there was such a thing as justice, I would have already been arrested for murder. And... possession of a stolen object, information brokering, stealing, breaking and entering, my little "uprising," of course. Oh and arson, instigation... He could tick off the amount of things he was guilty on several times over with his available fingers. He didn't have enough hands for them all. He pulled off his shirt, his swordbelt clanking softly as it was wriggled free from his shirt and settled to his hips instead, and swung the white fabric over his shoulder. Guards... Heh. What a farce. He was simply talking to himself. When the world kicks you down, you get up and then kick it back until it finally kills you. Heh. His grin widened.

As soft whisper of hair made him tip his head quickly, the sound drawing his attention instantaneously. His green eyes were sparkling with that hint of curiosity as the stranger that had crossed his path. He assessed her quickly. Pleasing colored hair, exotic almost, shorter, female, thin, armed, half elf, quiet on her feet. He straightened himself. She's a pretty thing. I wonder if she knows how to fight? Probably. It's usually the ones that don't look like they can fight that can. Adam bowed, one arm against his bared chest, still holding onto his shirt, and the other stretched gracefully to the side. Your pardon, madam. I should have realized that this alleyway belonged to another. He straightened from his bow, a half grin on his face, one dimple in his cheek. An alleyway like this should always belong to someone lovely. I'll move along then. Fare thee well.

It was a subtle thing. He would tease her curiosity and then walk away. If she wanted to follow, then she was interested or at least her interest would be piqued. He enjoyed playing the mysterious, but handsome stranger. Noble to some degree, charming, but something that said "danger" like a lover's whisper before he dashed off into the night. At least, Adam's imagination always said it like that. He walked past her, about a half inch from brushing her with his arm, as he looked at her from the side, smiled, nodded, and began walking away down another alleyway, this one darker than the one he was leaving. Curiosity. It's a game. Play with me? He smiled to himself as he walked further on.
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