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Hellspawn?! Oh what a joy this one is! Her eyes glittered merrily as the man began a rant of hatred and loathing against all of her surface forsaken kin. Prejudice was written in every note of his tone and in every line of his body. My House could truly have a use for someone like him. Why any of my kind would wish to have their eyes burned out by your great ball of light in the giant expanse above is beyond me. I would keep my kind with my kind if they would simply stop trying to escape their duties. I wonder what he thinks of the halfbreed's choice of bedfellow... He's all drow and not simply a halfbreed like it is.

The ranger continued. His rage vomit had been funny, but he was giving her the information she needed now. Stupid Cammar. Always too hopeful. The high elves would sooner stake his body outside a great fence to serve as a warning to others to not enter... As the man's eyes turned to Lan and the salve, Nyre smiled. You may give him back his salve now, Lan. She used the back of her fingers, which were not covered in salve, to stroke the hiskr's cheek, a gentle smile on her fierce face. It was a small touch, her face schooled to a sort of fond expression. Once her hand had completed the stroke, Nyre's eyes returned to their customary coldness as she looked back at the other man. We, who would stay beneath the surface, could use someone like you, ranger. If you have the desire, open communications with a draconian merchant named, Yadreka, in the large city. Tell him where to find male drow who have come here or take them too him. He will reward you for such a service. There are always rewards for those who simply do as they should. It is right that the drow should stay in the Underdark. It is how our kinds have avoided confrontation for so many countless centuries, but these escapees make us come to the surface to find them once more. If they become many and band together on the surface, then there will be little either you or I could do then. Not all drow are unreasonable, ranger, but the offer has been made to you. Whether you choose to take it or not, remains your choice. She turned once more to Lan. Come, Lan. Let's go. We shall travel further away from Taver's Crossing for now.

She began to walk immediately, her hands feeling much better already. She smiled widely once her back was to the ranger, a nagging feeling in her mind. There is no reason not to turn in other escaped males to Yadreka. She's been such an excellent non-drow female agent over the years. The information passed through her goes directly to House Helles. If we collect other Houses missing males, we could earn a fortune in alliances with other Houses, quickly, easily, bloodlessly. And he would get his precious surface to be drow free again... until we finally join as one Great House and invade.
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