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The ranger's face twisted in the dark, showing true emotion for the first time. Hatred. "It's bad enough that the Rogue is a halfbreed. Do you think I want the rest of the hellspawn from below coming up to be in my plainslands?!" The man's voice was a colored snarl. "Pointing you towards him ensures one less above." A brief pause, and the man stepped back and shook himself. His voice returned to cool business terms. "Swear upon your life that you'll keep as many of your kind from the surface as possible, and I shall be satisfied." He narrowed his eyes slightly at Lan, the hiskr's tail was thrashing agitatedly, but his fingers finished smoothing the salve into her skin. His ears were cocked at an angry angle.

Green eyes turned balefully upon the ranger. Lan didn't dare interrupt. This was business being conducted, but he was not happy with the ranger's tone. The ranger waited for agreement before continuing. "He's headed towards the eastern forests, where the high elves have their city. You'd better find him quick, before they do. He'll rot in a cell the rest of his life, and your dark goddess will go unappeased." He glared back at Lan. "Done with that, cat?" He looked pointedly towards the jar of salve.
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