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Lan knew that he was lost. He was beyond lost, and she had done this to him over the course of a day. But, with his ears flattening for a moment in obedience, he scooped out some of the salve and began to spread it over first the palm, then individual fingers. His hands were gentle, rubbing the salve into her skin, but not flexing her fingers in a way that would be more than a minor twinge of pain. Part of him sighed in relief that there was something to do for her hands before they swelled farther than they already had. One ear flickedback and forth, while the other stayed turned towards the ranger, who had begun to speak again.

"I did not see a scar, but his legs were covered. But I remember his eyes, bright gold. They glow in the night, even as yours do." A faint shudder colored his words before he swiftly bore down on it and turned it to business once more, as the sun sparked it's dimming light over the horizon. "I know the direction he headed, and his destination... I have no wish for a drow to range in my wilds, any more than you wish him to remain free longer." His voice seemed to hold a good amount of anger, and carefully veiled disgust. "You're going to have to hurry, if you wish to find him, rather than his body." The man was enjoying being cryptic. Lan carefully kept his lips still, rather than letting them settle in a snarl.
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