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Collin showered Kat with slow kisses, needing no words to show the love he felt for her. His fingers caressed, massaged, smoothed even while his strong arms held her close. Kat had taught him what he needed to know in areas of intimacy. So it was that he made gentle love to his amazing and beautiful wife until they were both satisfied and exhausted. I love you with all of my heart...


Nyre nearly burst out laughing as Lan snatched the salve from the man's palm. She stifled the laugh, but could not restrain the grin on her face. She nodded to the hiskr. Go ahead, Lan. She held out both of her hands, palms offered to the hiskr's ministrations.

Her attention then turned to the ranger. She listened to the man. He was very business-like now. Yes, Cammar by name. Hair like mine. Gold eyes, red flecks. A scar like a crucifix on the back of his right thigh. Do you know where he's gone?
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