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Kat sighed in response to his words. Part of her wanted to sleep, and part of her wished for nothing more than for his soft kisses, experienced now where they used to fumble, would make the taint of her female drow blood fade from her mind. Her own voice was soft, almost softer than his. "Help me forget she came here, love..." She curled close to him, grateful for the comfort him simply being there provided, grateful for the gentle fingers kneading at the tense muscles of her back. She pressed close against him, needing his affection more than anything else. Despite that he was a drow, he did not seem tainted as the rest of them were in her mind. Kind, gentle, baffling and sometimes confused Collin could no more be part of the murderous race than a young child. He was fresh, clean. She took a deep breath of his scent, needing to surround herself with memories of times well spent together, both in defeating her enemies, and bring both of them closer to what would be considered sanity.


The ranger hesitated his expression bland,but his narrowing, and Lan made a small, strangled noise of frustration, reaching out and snatching the jar from the mans hands. Claws used, he pried the lid off, the scent, a hint of lavender and a definite sign of mint, became stronger. His ears swiveled, listening for intruders as his sight, while better than a human's was still bad in the darkness. He looked to Nyre, willing to apply it, but holding it in a manner that would allow her to do it herself if she wanted as well. His tail twitched nervously.

The ranger stiffened, but made no comment on Lan's actions. He could see that the bard was swiftly falling into a downward spiral. No doubt, he'll go back with her...pathetic.. He turned his eyes back to Nyre. "You seek a drow male, do you not? Recently escaped?" All business was in his tone.
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