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While Kenosha slept in her room, Collin heard his wife enter their room, her soft footsteps whispering. He kept his eyes closed, listening, his breathing even. The sound of her clothing slipping to the floor provided comfort, causing his lips to curve into a small smile as her beautiful body found its way into his mind even with his orange eyes still closed. As she slipped into the bed beside him, he opened his arms and wrapped her in them, nuzzling the top of her hair. He sighed softly, a sound of contentment, of relaxation. You just want to sleep, love of mine? He would not be disappointed either way. There would be other moments later, he assured himself. The touch of her flesh against his was enough if she wished only that. He kneaded her back gently with his fingers.


Nyre's eyes flicked just in time to notice the man beside the tree before he spoke. Her sight was more effective now that it was darker. Shades of white pink limned him in the midst of so much darker reds. The drow's eyes flicked over him, assessing him for his merits now that Lan was no longer speaking nor as interesting as this newcomer. He was respectful or at least knew how to treat a female drow. His bow and his tone were adequate. The smell of the mixture escaped from the jar. It did not smell bad or hazardous, but she would not allow him to apply it to her flesh. She did not want anyone to touch her at the moment no matter the pain in her throbbing hands. They are not too painful, but if this salve will aid them in regaining their strength sooner, then I don't see too much problem. I will take the ointment. She reached out her hand for him to place it in her palm so that she could apply it herself. She would be more willing for Lan to apply it than the ranger stranger.
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