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Kat smiled at the other woman. "I do my best to help any who can escape the underdark.. The least I can do is give aid to one who is willing to find him. Good evening." She spent a few minutes in the kitchen, nursing her tea and sipping it slowly, thinking of days gone by. There had been a time where she would have growled, demanded the elf forfeit anything of value, and sent her packing. But now, as leader of the Rogues... a drow would be useful. She sighed. That's often what it came down to. Usefulness. She had to have a strong support to remain in her "throne" though... Rogues often challenged one another... before long, she might have someone trying to kill her once more.

Setting the cup with the dregs of tea in it, off to the side, she moved, silently, as was her habit, and stepped up the stairs, pausing to look at Kenosha's room, before continuing to her own, a small smile making her lips curl upwards as she spotted Collin's dark skin against the linen. She flipped the lock and bolted the door, ever paranoid.

Collin was sweet in his heart, and she still was unsure exactly what had happened. He had softened her, not in brutality, not in ruthlessness, not in business, but in her heart. She cared. Pulling pieces of clothing off, she left them crumpled on the floor, and slid into the bed, curling against his body. Here, in their private quarters, soundproofed and protected, she let the shivers of nerves come, letting the adrenaline that had pumped through her at Nyre's appearance release, and let her control go, turning to put her face against Collin's chest.

Lan seemed to scuttle forward. He felt like someone might attack them at any moment, and sighed in relief as no one did. "To walk a while maybe, but sleep, even a few hours, may be smart... and I might have. We have little to lose by checking if he knows."

After a few minutes, they came to the edge, where the lean man, almost a shadow in his cloak, waited. Lan started to speak, and the ranger interrupted. No time, bard." He bowed slightly in acknowledgement to Nyre. "I know what you search for, lady. But first... I saw your fight. Your hands must be painful. I have a salve that will help with it, if you will allow me..." His voice was respectful, but it was the respect of one who knew that she was faster than he, not that he appreciated her presence, or liked it. His gloved hand came out from under his cloak, holding a jar of a lightly scented mixture.
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