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Kenosha nodded. It was true as Kat surmised. She had no need to verbalize the fact that Katarina was most certainly a half breed of a rare and usually despised sort. That she had found such a man in Collin... The love between them was something beautiful. If you and your husband wish to accompany me, I have no arguments as long as you both are capable of defending yourselves, which I can only assume you both are. I am grateful to you for this, my lady. She settled her empty tea cup down on the table nearby and stood, giving the other woman a small bow of thanks that was sincere. I will take my leave now so that I may rest up and will be able to rise with the sun.

The druid left and went up to the room, third right from the stairs which was unoccupied with a lock available on the door. The room was clean, did not have a lingering odor of anything unpleasant and was simple, but cozy. She pulled the lovely linen curtains closed and settled upon the bed after kicking off her boots. The road dust was not much upon her and she had not gotten any of Narim's blood on her. The weariness she felt was less of exhaustion and more of heartsickness. It has most certainly been a long day.

Collin lay on the bed, his clothes crumpled on the floor as was his custom. His dark skin shown like a beacon on the light colored sheets, his pale hair a halo around his face. His face was towards the inside of the bed, facing his wife's spot. His white eyelashes were closed, but he was still awake, thinking. They would be leaving with high elf, he knew. Kat had longed for adventure. Being Lady Rogue, the hub of all things informational, had less excitement when one was tied down for too long. It had been quite some time since they had traveled further than Taver's Crossing from the dirty, dark streets of the City Randatria. Though faint, the smell of his wife's hair lingered on her pillow. He breathed in through his nose calmly. If he came upon the vicious female drow again, it might take him sometime to defend himself, he knew with a dreadful certainty. He still had a difficult time breaking free from being a drow male in the deep, dark world beneath this lighted surface one. I will have to be brave again instead of just observant. His mutter was muffled by half of his thick pillow.


Nyre's hands throbbed as she walked away. With her back turned, she was waiting for someone to get enough balls to follow after her, but they never did. Cowards... The man who had seemed to be with Lan melted away before she could really figure out what part he played in all of this. She then simply figured that he got scared and ran away too. The pulsing throb of her palms was irritating. They were bound to swell to some degree unless she could find some cool dirt, water, or moss to bury them in soon. So, it's time for you surface creatures to sleep and we're heading back into the woods. To sleep or to walk? I don't know if you're capable of such feats, Lan. Did you find someone who knew of Cammar's whereabouts?
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