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Kat smiled softly as Collin slid his hands over her shoulders. Her own hand reached up to touch his as he slipped away, automatically translating his words into something that made sense. Part of her regretting that they may not have time for other activity tonight, but they would have to be up early. She was unsure as to whether she was going to accompany the elf on her journey, but she was eager to see another drow male freed from his old life.

She looked at Kenosha once again, and her eyes held a soft note as she smiled after her mate. "Only now, are we different from what we were. Collin was, perhaps, always slightly different... but before he and I met, you would not have liked me at all. I was far too similar to what drow women are then..." She did not say that she was a half-breed. It needed no saying. Her silver-gold hair and her dusky skin, along with her orange eyes and partly pointed ears, were all that were needed. "Anyways... We can provide you both with provisions, and with a mount that will carry you with more heart than most. Our horses are of a good stock, though I am not the best horsewoman. The animals take to Collin far better than I." She drank the rest of her tea, and stood.

"You're room will be the third on the right upstairs. It should be comfortable, even for one who prefers to nest outside." She smiled lightly, knowing that many elves had an affinity for the earth that she couldn't quite match for her liking of solid walls. It came from being raised in the darkness of caverns. "I'll prepare a pack for you, a basic traveling pack. Would you like company on your journey? It has been a while since I have done other than rule the Rogue." There was a note in her voice of interest. She had a personal bit against the drow woman Nyre, and she hoped that she could steal Cammar from under her nose...


Lan led the way, east wards, away from the setting sun, which was falling quickly towards the horizon. The ranger moved swifter even than he, and disappeared around the people and the buildings. Lan trusted he would reach them at the edge of the town.. He just hoped the crowd would stay away.
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