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Kenosha nodded once and opened her mouth. Of course, I-- Kat's words continued as soon as the acknowledgement was made. The druid had no love for Nyre, it was true. She had no hatred of the woman either. However, due to the drow's actions, Kenosha could also not simply stand by and watch as Cammar, now a freeman, was dragged back against his will to the Underdark by such a violent woman who revelled in such savagery. It is no wonder that they would try to escape. Kenosha's eyes glanced at Collin who noticed it and smiled widely as if he had understood her unspoken thought.

Patiently waiting until Kat was done speaking, Kenosha nodded once more. He is going eastward then. No, that does not bode well for him either. I know them only too well though I was not raised there. I will find him. I will find him some safety or return him to you. You seem to have resources further stretched than I. She sipped her tea and then spoke again. I should think that I would need only dried rations for times when I would have difficulty finding my own sustenance along the way. I am also able to ride. My animal brethrens are no strangers to me.

Collin nodded at her affirmations. Then you shall sleep here. Again, his smile blossomed across his face. He was feeling much better about Cammar now. His orange eyes flickered over to Kat. My business is all finished up here. I'm going to see to making sure your bed is folded, Kat. It was one of his strange sorts of messages, where he said two things at one time. He was done drinking his tea, but he was also giving her the go-ahead from his end saying that he would go with her when they were going to leave the next morning either by cart or horseback. It was also his way of saying that he was going to make sure her bed was tucked because he was going to slide into it and wait for her to come to bed too... Bed or [/i]"bed"[/i], either was fine by him. He simply ran a gentle hand across her shoulders and wandered out of the room.

Good evening, Collin. Kenosha called after him before returning her gaze to the wife the drow man left behind. I take it that you and he are different people than whom you seem to be, especially if you are able to do all of this for me.


The danger hung heavy in the air. Nyre had felt it before, revelled in it. They were respecting her for her battle prowess, for the way her dishevelled hair hung over her breasts, for the way the blood dribbled off of her sword... She flicked the weapon as Lan informed her that it was time to go. The crimson droplets spattered against some members of the crowd. The fragile tension was dangerous yet. Would they attack her for killing one of their own creatures even if he was a particularly noxious thing? She grabbed up her things, sheathed her sword, and nodded to Lan. Let's go then. It was all she could think to say, not really understanding the other man that seemed to hover near the hiskr.
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