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Kat listened carefully, taking a careful sip of the hot tea, and leaning against the counter slightly with her hip. So, the elf knew Nyre demon spawned hell-bitch The thought was nasty, overlaid with the bitter hatred that had built up over decades of time. After Kenosha finished, she looked at Collin, blinked slowly, and looked slightly thoughtful. So, Kenosha had no love of Nyre, not too surprising. But she cared somewhat for the hiskr bard... Kat's eyebrows, blond lines in her dusky face, pulled together slightly. Had Tylan only met Nyre once upon the surface? Bards were often... Her face returned to smoothness. Tylan. Of course. The tabby bard that had once been part of the noble's household. He'd been kicked out for trying to bed the man's daughter. That bard. There couldn't be more than one Tylan who was a hiskr.

Kat took another sip of her tea, and frowned slightly. "I will not pretend I have any love for the surface cousins of my bloodline. Only a few have ever treated me with anything but scorn. Even less have ever thought that Collin was anything but a murderer... I shall help you, Lady Kenosha... so long as you do you're damned best to keep that bitch from getting her black hands on Cammar.." Her voice was low, pitched so as to only carry as far as Kenosha. She wanted none to overhear, and she waited for a response, even if only a nod, from Kenosha before continuing.

"Cammar is only putting himself more in danger by the destination he has chosen. It will be only a slight difference of treatment than he would have received had he remained in his homeland. The surface elves of the east have little love for their cousins from below. They may keep him safe, in only by binding him behind bars, but he will not remain safe there for long. There is another, who will not be so discriminating as to who the information goes to. Sadly, he is not one of mine, and so I have no control over him, should he decide that he likes a drow in his area as little as the elves will want one in their forests.."

She set her tea down and looked closely at Kenosha. "If you have need of anything for your journey, I will outfit you as best I can to your needs." her voice spoke that she would probably be able to meet any requests save the most outrageous. "And perhaps, if we do not have pressing business, we will be able to arrange for a quicker route of transportation. If, that is, you are able to ride..." She picked up her tea once more, feeling slightly as if she had won.


Lan sighed in relief as the halforc went down, and then winced as Nyre killed him anyways, and the crowd went silent. He knew this point. They were half between admiration and hatred. She had killed one of their own, but the man probably had held no love of his fellows. But communities like this stayed knit together.

After a moment, a soft, rumbled voice came from next to him. "I told you that you needn't interfere... However, now, is the time where we all leave." It was the ranger. "Meet me outside the town, to the east. I have knowledge of what you are seeking..." He faded into the crowd and was gone. The group was wavering still.

Lan rushed forward, and spoke softly. "Mistress, we must leave. I have someone who will help once we are outside of the town.." He only hoped she would listen to him.
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