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Kelter breathed a sigh of relief as the door swung open and the sweat on his forehead suddenly became cold with a rush of air. He looked through the doorway and what he saw was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Such a cavern was not uncommon among the dwarves, but this one's walls were of desert rock and contained not miners but, of all things, a tavern -- and who knew what else beyond that? It was also much more well-lit than any of the mines from Kaldevan, something which he was both grateful and ungrateful for. Somehow, I'm always being put into places where I stand out, he thought. A smile touched his lips and then disappeared. But wasn't that exactly what I'd wanted?

Kelter listened to Ryvala explain how such a place was 'possible' and even he was in awe. And then someone was talking to him. He turned to face the dwarf, merely a sidewards glance, his face expressionless. Yet his mind was rushing, wondering how to respond, wondering how a rogue would respond. But he couldn't take his time, so he lunged at the first thing that came to his mind that seemed plausible.

"That's funny. All the guards I've met say the same thing before I kill them." Kelter had just confessed to being a murderer, and if he had more time to think of a response he might've picked something a little more low-key. Despite thoughts that he had simply aroused more suspicion filling his mind, Kelter merely kept a small smile on his face and continued walking. And then he remembered Kayra. She might've heard. He quickly looked ahead. There was no way that he could sustain all of these lies. Hopefully they'd be out of here soon.

Kelter noticed that the hiskr had also drifted towards them and, despite his better judgement, decided to go for one of the larger tables. He sat down and hoped that the dwarf would just leave, or if he did decide to join them would keep quiet because of all the people around. Despite Jik's newfound attachment to his ex-pet, the drow, Kelter hoped that it would be easy to continue to use Jik. Keeping conversation going with him shouldn't be that hard, even with his shaken state, but for now he'd just wait.

He ordered a water.
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