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When Ryvala said that they would have to continue on foot, even before she finished speaking, Nymmur’ss began to dismount. However, he froze mid-motion when he heard the voice demand to know who was there, before slowly sliding to the ground.

And then there was Jik. Nymmur’ss was infuriated by his protests. Jik had come, like all of them, willingly. Ryvala even gave him the opportunity to stay behind if he’d wished it, and he’d chosen to ride with them. While it had been a very unpleasant ride, it was one that they all did willingly, and Jik’s disgusting cowardice may be placing them, or at the very least Ryvala, in danger due to his desire to save his own hide. Nymmur’ss snarled.

If Jik does not want to die, he will be silent.

While Nymmur’ss was concerned about the number of weapons pointing in their direction as well, he doubted hysteria and yelping was going to do anything but put those who may decide to kill them in a more unpleasant mood than they were already in. Perhaps if Ryvala was given a chance to speak, she could talk them down, a theory that was quickly proven correct after Jik was reduced to mewling following a swift kick to the side.

He neither knew nor cared what would be happening with this Gungam, but when she mentioned Magus he smiled, his white teeth standing out in stark contrast to his black skin. It seemed like she would at least be able to get him to a potential teacher, though he suspected getting and surviving the lesson itself would be up to him. Still, it was definitely a good start.

Crazy? Sounds like it will be interesting.

It was clear from his tone of voice that at least in Nymmur’ss mind, crazy wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Of course, he was a little concerned on the note of payment, but he wouldn’t bring that up until he knew what payment was. He didn’t have any money, but it was also quite likely that coin would not be what a mad mage would want, and he didn’t want to seem ignorant in regards to the ways of mages by making an assumption one way or the other. Crazy was promising, though. If others thought of him that way, it increased the likelihood that what he wanted would not be something widely considered desirable, like coin. Of course, desiring coin did not always make one appear sane.

Following the others, his heart pounded in excitement, eager to see what was next, although he almost wished he could have gotten a break, and perhaps a drink out of the well meant for the animals. He’d normally not entertain such a fancy, but after the long journey they took to get to this place, with all the dehydration that came with it, the thought was more appealing than it would normally be.

Still, he wasn’t about to erase any appearance of dignity, so he showed no sign of this desire and simply hoped that their new hosts would think to offer them something to quench their thirst.
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