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Kelter followed Ryvala's lead through the city, the cautious and alert gaze that he would usually bear in a place like this replaced with glances at their scenery whenever he could be bothered to make the effort. They were led inside a building and, even in his state, began to grow suspicious of the elf. He noticed the shadowy figures and his suspicions were, at least to him, immediately confirmed, even despite their claims that they did not know how Ryvala was. Suddenly Jik was screaming and, just as Kelter's fingers were about to wrap themselves around his blade's hilt, he realised that Jik was not, in fact, being mauled by assassins' daggers. His fingers remained near his hilt as near-silence fell upon them with the thud of Ryvala's boot.

Kelter stared at the centaur and Ryvala's exchange in silence, and as they spoke his hand slowly lowered to his side. He noticed that his arm was hurting again and realised that his grip on Kayra had tightened. He loosened it quickly, once again reminding himself that this attachment was going to get himself killed and once again doing nothing about the thought. Kelter eyed the centaur's companions, his gaze sitting for a little longer on the dwarf, and then slid off his camel with a thud, his jacket slung over his right shoulder. He drank the last few drops from his waterskin even though the adrenaline still coursing through him had dulled his thirst and followed the centaur's group, keeping ample distance between him and them.

He stared at the metal door that stood before them with mild interest.
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