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The buildings seemed wet, shimmering in the hot, white light. Even amongst their sturdier forms, Jik felt that they were a mirage. His camel grunted as it brushed its side against a ruined arch. The blocks crumbled with heavy thuds into the sand below, casting poofs of debris. The hiskr jerked his legs and arms towards the center of his body, hissing wildly. Ryvala's head snapped in his direction. Silence, you fool! Her sharp hiss was audible enough for Jik to hear and grimace at the implied threat. Kayra had decided not to speak at all for the most part. The toppled and derelict buildings seemed more like apart of a cemetery, a small portion of death. As her camel's feet trod over something that looked remarkably like a skull, she renewed her faith in silence.

Ryvala led them like a ferryman in the land of the dead, a silent, stoic guide, leading them ever deeper. There was one building that had four walls and a roof, and it was inside there, camels and all, that she bade everyone enter. The inside of the tall, dark place smelled mildly foul as if there had been some fresh animal dung within the last week at the latest. The walls were reinforced on the inside with newer construction, stone, bricks, and even bits of wood and rope. This is the corral for the beasts. There is a small well on the side for them to drink from. We'll have to leave the camels here and continue on foot. I--

Several shadows crossed the entryway of the building, their forms starkly defined in the light. Who the hell are you lot? Declare yourselves!

It took only moments for Jik to go into hysterics brought on by the heat and pent up emotion from the ride in. Jik dragged here! Against his will! Jik do nothing wrong! Jik not even supposed to be here! Jik innocent! Crazed elf woman is crazed! Kill her! Just don't feed Jik to the scorpions or the vultures or... or... or... Don't eat Jik!

Ryvala, already off of her camel, grabbed Jik by the shirt and forced him off the camel and into the sand. Jik shrieked and kicked and cursed, his arms windmilling, flailing. Stuff it, furball!

Jik no want to die! Jik no want to die! Crazy elf is murdering Jik! Murder!

Ryvala kicked Jik in the side as she released him. Her kick caused him to grunt, cutting off his screaming, and then he began to mewl pathetically instead. Despite the fact that there were all sorts of weapons trained on them, the wood elf didn't seem concerned. She simply walked up to the entryway, tipped her hood off, and stared at the group of five that stood there. My name is Ryvala. I am here for my inheritance.

Well, I'll be... The speaker began to chuckle. He was a grizzled centaur, his sandy-colored flanks interspersed with grays and whites just like his beard. His bald head shone brightly in the sun and his shirtless torso was coated in a sheen of sweat. And here I thought you got sold to that seedy brothel to pay Gungam's debts.

Her eyes narrowed. I was. Now I'm here. I'll need to speak with Gungam... amongst others. These are my... companions. They are to be allowed access or I'll take the access from you. The group, aside from the centaur, contained one dwarf man, two half orc men, and a half elf female with her bow trained on Ryvala's chest. And tell Lappa to put her toy bow away.

The centaur laughed deeply in his throat and motioned with a hand that his group should allow them access... for now. The dwarven man looked at Kayra and then at Kelter himself as if sizing them up. Sure, Vala. Let's go. Anything else you need?

Some shade. Maybe an audience with Magus if you can manage it.

Magus? Why? He's crazy.

One of my companions has an interest in the art. I figure, if the old man is still alive, maybe he'd be interested in helping someone out... if that someone can pay for it.

The centaur snorted and led them all towards another building nearby. That one was also reinforced from the inside, but its floor formed a ramp that led to a large metal door. They had reached the Hole, the stronghold of the most feared raiders in this stretch of the Kastalin Sands.
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