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Katarina's eyes were cold, but her face a careful mask of neutrality. Thoughts raced behind her eyes, showing only in the stillness. Her frozen pose was broken only a moment later when Collin handed her tea to her, and she accepted it carefully, cupping grey-tinged hands around the cup, and keeping her orange gaze, wary and calculating, on the elven woman. Her mind speculated, though, on the appearance of two people looking for the same person, if for different reasons. The drow woman who had come through, with her hiskr servant... no doubt, if Narim had run across her, he would have tried to charm her. He was flatterer enough to catch the attention, if temporarily, from a drow on the surface world.

And if the hiskr had been her servant, admiring, but never acknowledged, he would have become slightly irritable, especially since Narim was only a half-rate bard at best. A challenge would have ensued, and the drow... Kat held in a shiver. She knew exactly what the drow would do in such a situation. She had done it herself, before she had run into Collin, that fateful day in the middle of Randatria, goaded men on into battle trying to win her favor. It had only made her scorn them more, and fall deeper into the belief that drow were right in their matriarchal ways.

Focusing back on Kenosha, Kat's voice was casual as she spoke once more. "So, let's say, in a completely theoretical sense, that I have the information you seek... Do you know others who might seek it, and seek to follow you either to the source or the goal?" She took an appreciative sniff of the calming herbs in the tea mixture.


His size was a blessing, as he slid around people and through the crowd, wincing at the jeers and the speech of the half orc. He finally came into the clear, witnessing the warhammer swing, and Nyre grabbing it, allowing it to push her into the direction she wanted. A hollow gasp filled his throat, and his heart seemed to freeze. But Nyre, though he was sure what she had done must be painful, ran to her sword as soon as she was able, and picked it up. Lan cursed under his breath. The ranger had been right, of course. There was little he could do, but he had to do something. Swiftly, he slid around the edge, little more than a shadow in between the crowd, and angled to come out behind the half orc.

He clenched his fists, feeling claws, and a feral grin began. He was tainted, of course, so why should it matter if he fell into violence once more? He gauged the movements of the half orc, focusing on his legs, on that, oh so important tendon that allowed humanoids to remain on their feet. He could not recall the name, though it was fairly common knowledge of anyone who described battles. The back of the knee was a key point... But something held him back, and he shuddered. What would Nyre do? Would she be insulted that he interrupted her fight? Would the favor that she now was bestowing upon him be left in the dust if he interfered?

Only if it is critical.... He decided, and for now, opted to wait, unless she pulled some signal tellin ghim to help. Which he figured, was unlikely.
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