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Nymmur’ss rode along, feeling hot and miserable himself, but grateful that Jik had fallen silent. It would do him little good to have someone else describing the misery he felt, reminding him of his own dry mouth and burnt skin which he protected as well as he could by pulling his cloak over his head. He could barely see among all the white hot heat and almost feared he’d go blind from it, so pulled his hood over his eyes to protect them. Fortunately, his camel had a strong herd instinct and was happy to simply follow Ryvala’s mount. No matter how much he drank from his water skin, it seemed that only seconds later he was thirsty again.

Then Jik mentioned water and buildings, and the drow perked up. “Truly?” he croaked.

He didn’t dare lift his hood to confirm that the buildings were there, so simply took Ryvala’s words as a very satisfying confirmation when she said they had reached their destination.

They’ll let us in, or we’ll let ourselves in,” Nymmur’ss said in response to the dwarf’s comment, though he wasn’t as confident as he was when he left the merchant’s camp. With how he was feeling, he doubted he could fight with his usual skill.
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