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Kelter's jacket was spread across his lap, an option that was only slightly better than wearing it. His shirt was dampened with sweat beneath his leather armour, as was his forehead beneath his hood. His armguard was sticking to his forearm and his hands were sticking to Kayra's clothes -- he had opted to allow her to be the one holding the reins again as his tiredness had returned, although such a thing was impossible to satiate in this heat.

And then the city neared, and Kelter could not even be bothered to speak. He drank from his waterskin, only a few drops left after this final gulp. If they were allowed into the raiders' camp, the least they could do was spare some water, and if he was killed then he wouldn't need it anyway. And if there was no one there or he was simply injured after a battle, he'd have a few days before he died of thirst. They should be able to make it back to Rajir's merchants in that time.

He gazed upon the city before him, the city that was ruined but not exactly ancient, an architectural style that was outdated but not entirely unfamiliar. Some of it he recognised from Canyonface City.

"Well," he said, gulping in a vain attempt to wet his already dry throat. "I'm sure they'll let us in. We look innocent enough." The metal basket of his schiavona practically radiated heat and Kelter hoped that he wouldn't have to use it. Although it wasn't the burnt knuckles that he was worried about -- he knew that he wouldn't be able to fight at all in his current state. Not capably, anyway.
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