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Kat hid a smile at the discomfort of the elven woman. She had never used to be openly affectionate, but her people, the rogues of the city, knew the hardness that she had shown for so long, that many of them were half in love with her softer side that Collin brought out. They had found that the drow man was able to talk her around from absolute punishments to some mercy, sometimes even more than a second chance. Because of that, most of her closer rogues, the most trusted, were only all too happy to see that she had settled into a relationship. She no longer needed to be one of those gathering the information, because she had access to it all.

With one hand, she moved to trace the scar that ran over her face. It was an old habit that she had never quite broken, but the movement was different now than it had been for the years she had been upon the surface. It no longer spoke of loathing and broken beauty, but of an acceptance that what had happened, had done so, and she could no longer change it. Her eyes stayed upon Kenosha, but she allowed Collin to do the talking. He had a way of responding that was not as dangerous as her likelihood to snap or grow cold with anger. She listened attentively, nodding when Narim was mentioned, and her brows pulled together when he was reported dead. This was not good. A half rate bard he had been, but he was a good agent, and able to get into places that she would not cross into herself. Her reputation was too well known. People would either vie for her attention, or try to get into her favor by offering what would turn to be useless information.

The knowledge of Narim's unusual relationship did not surprise her, though she looked slightly interested as to the fact that he had confessed to this woman. She was not of their group, though, and so probably would not have reacted like many of the men that Narim was ever around. Male dalliances were shameful to many, and they thought badly of such things. But Kat did not care. So long as such dalliances did not come in the way of work... Her eyes snapped with cold fire at the name Cammar, though she recognized the golden hoops that had been in Narim's ear. As Collin spun to go pour to tea, releasing her from his arms, she leaned over to the counter, eyes narrowing. "A drow man, you say?" Her posture spoke of aggressive caution. She was not altogether sure if she wanted the information she had on Cammar sold out to anyone, even at the expense of not letting him know of a lover dying. "And what would you do if you, by chance, found the man?"


Lan turned around at the sharp snapping of Nyre's voice, and the scene he found was not pretty. His ears went back, and he swallowed heavily. Some followed the two combatants outside, starting to rumble with the inevitable chant. "Fight, fight, fight". Some called out cheers for the half-orc, some started betting and gathering bets. His ears flattened against his head. This was not how it was supposed to go! She was supposed to stay out of trouble. He shook his head. But no, she couldn't stop herself from antagonizing other people.

The hiskr started outside, only to be stopped by a hand landing on his shoulder. It was the ranger, the mysteriously shady looking man he had been drawn to for information. "Take care, bard. She can beat that oaf without your help." His voice was a quiet rumble, and for the first time Lan noticed that the man was built like a lean wildcat, all muscles. He couldn't move from where he stood. "We can't afford this type of trouble, sir... It's difficult enough to find what we're looking for without this happening. If I can diffuse the situation, I will."

"Believe me. You can't. That half-orc has been spoiling for a fight all evening, no doubt. You'll only get crushed. You're drow lady may have the skill to beat him, but he's got brute strength and skill on you, cat. Stay out of it. I may be able to help you, if you stay alive." With that, the man faded back into the crowd. La growled and started outside, pushing through the throng.
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