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Several hours passed by. Ryvala, Kayra, Jik, and Nymmur'ss slept to recuperate their strength. Kelter worked hard and Tahyr was moderately pleased by his work, willing to pay 9 silver for his labor. The sun was still up, now late afternoon. Jik yawned and stretched, unrolling from his sleeping position. Ryvala was already standing, stretching her arms, wincing at injuries still raw and stitched, but on the mend. Kayra rubbed her eyes as she slowly began. Where we go now?

The elf looked at the hiskr's open, mismatched colored eyes. Not far. It's just about an hour's ride by camel from here. I'd like to start that way as soon as we're all collected. Unless, of course, any of you would prefer to stay here instead. Rajir would find places for those that make themselves useful. She shrugged, making it obvious that she wouldn't think that Jik would be "useful" enough to be made welcome. Jik was completely oblivious to it and nodded.

Jik will continue on with crazy elf, Short Man, dorf girl, and Nymus.

Ryvala sighed and rolled her eyes. Sure. The flap of fabric fell behind her as she left the sleeping compartment and moved towards the tent's opening onto the rest of the oasis camp. Kayra got up pretty swiftly after that and made her way after Ryvala quickly. Jik remained behind for Nymus, smiling his strange catty smile at the drow.

So, Nymus, you sleep good? Jik feels all rested and well. Little sore, but not bad. What you think Short Man do while he was away? Jik was always a conversation sort of hiskr, preferring to try to make friends instead of alienate people though he seemed to fail at it more often than not. He could never figure out why.

((OOC: Moving along... I've started a new topic for us in the desert. Go right here! Feel free to post here for a while longer if your characters need to be tidied up as well so you can "exit" officially.))
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