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Kelter listened to Rajir, a smirk playing at his lips at his all-too welcoming attitude. Kelter looked back at the building and decided that it was for the best that his pronunciation of Tahyr's name had been corrected now as opposed to later. Kelter looked back at Rajir, considered the offer of answering more questions and then decided that he had none.

"Thank you, Rajir," he said, nodding slightly. "If I'm ever in this part of the desert again, I will be sure to visit and see how well my weapons have fared." Kelter turned towards Tahyr's forge and his joking smile faded. Unlikely I'll want to come back here, but no point in destroying any good first impressions I make with these people. Tahyr eyed the dwarf as he threw his jacket onto an almost-bare weapon rack although continued working, the steady rhythm of beating metal never stopping.

Kelter walked towards Tahyr and kept his distance, partly because of the sparks and partly because he did not want to be staring at Tahyr's chin as opposed to his face. "I'm here for work."

"If you good, we pay by the sword," Tahyr said, his gaze barely leaving the sword he was working on. His accent was less refined than Rajir's, as were his words and his voice. Kelter looked at his unfinished blades, some of them curved. He did a quick recollection of his teaching as a child and remembered that they were scimitars. Interesting things, those. Took a while to learn how to sheathe them properly, though. His attention was drawn back to the brute in front of him. "If you bad, we pay maybe one copper for your time and you go wash camels."

"I've never made scimitars before."

"Well, you make axe," Tahyr said, shrugging, a movement akin to a lumbering beast. Tahyr considered the scimitar in his hand and began to cool the blade in a trough of water. Hissing steam filled the adobe and their ears. "Or you make dagger. Less pay, but should not take as much time." Tahyr cast him a brief glance. "If you good."

Kelter decided not to say anything about his talents and simply grabbed an unfinished dagger and a hammer and got to work. He could feel Fingiert's thick, blacksmith beard returning already.
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