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Rajir patiently listened to Kelter's questions, aware that people from afar didn't understand the rules of his oasis. It was expected, accepted to a degree, and tolerated for a short while. My dwarven friend, Tahyr's tools are his own, but allows none to use them for anything except his own purposes. Pronounce it "Tah-here," not "Tah-year." He does own a grindstone. If you are looking to use it for sharpening your own weapons, perhaps you can reason with him to include a short session with it in exchange for your labor as well as pay. Rajir was quite willing to answer more questions should Kelter have any, but the man had already pointed the way and the place was quite distinct considering it was the only structure that was made out of adobe instead of canvas tent fabric, presumably for the sake of the forge.

Tahyr was a muscular man with a shaved head. He wore no upper body covering save for an apron to prevent the sparks from his hammer collisions with the hot steel he was working on. His pants were leather. His thick apron was pitted with scorch marks as were his arms. He had a small goatee at his chin. His dark brown eyes were like little pits of darkness, but his passions were clear as he remained so adamantly drawn to the blade he was battering into shape. Based upon the number of unfinished blades, it looked like he had plenty of work to do and needed competent assistance.


Jik moved over slightly as Nymmur'ss lay down on one side of his rug. The hiskr didn't mind that his friend had come to share. It was an open offer that no one ever seemed to take him up on. It was strange, but Jik wasn't one to mull over things like that. The hiskr curled up in the fetal position and started snoring, his tail tiwtching spasmatically.

Ryvala lay down, chuckling at the drow's comment. Okay, I'll keep that in mind for next time. Her eyes fluttered shut and she fellt asleep too.

Kayra pillowed her head on her arm and stared up at the tent's ceiling, wondering what her Andric was doing, a small smile on her face as she placed her fingers against the place where Andric's lips had touched her face. Her stomach was warm from the food that she had eaten, her heart was warm from the feelings that she had found, and the rest of her was a little bit overly warm simply because they were in a desert. When she finally fell asleep, she dreamed good dreams.
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