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Nymmur’ss stood there for a moment, torn between two possibilities for what he could do. He was tired, and if there was either a fight later or the need to focus to learn the secrets of the arcane arts, he would regret his lack of sleep. However, if he needed funds at any point, he would be out of luck, seeing as he currently had no more money. What if anyone who was able to teach him such arts would ask for payment? Or what if there were scrolls for sale where they were going, which he’d need some funds to buy? Or, even, what if they did get into a fight and he at some point needed to restock his bolts?

He looked both ways, then decided on the rest. If there was a fight, at least, there might be the chance that someone would have something worth looting.

Laying down on one of the rugs, Nymmur’ss said, “Next time we get in a fight, we should do it with someone who has a decent size wallet. I could use the coin.

And with that, he closed his eyes and went to sleep. This was far more restful than lying out in the open sand under the hot sun.
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