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Kelter took note of the tent that everyone else was heading towards, going over the colours twice in his mind so that he wouldn't forget. His eyes soon landed on Kayra and he saw her dash over to him. He gave her a kiss on the cheek in return although it felt more like a formality as opposed to -- what was Kayra feeling, anyway? She was being particularly generous with her kisses lately, and Kelter's suspicions immediately began to rise. He eased them, quickly telling himself that she had lived a loveless life for so many years and simply needed to confirm that such a thing had actually crossed paths with her now. Hah, he thought, almost letting out a 'hm' with this thought through the small, wry grin on his face. Love. How long has it been since that word had crossed my mind?

Kelter realised that the man was moving towards him (Rajir, was it?) and cleared his thoughts. His grin wavered at the mention of a weaving loom and completely disappeared as Rajir mentioned washing camels. Kelter took a big bite out of his hare meat to cover this up. He immediately noticed that he normally wouldn't even bother to cover such a thing up but continued eating anyway. Rajir spoke of a forge and Kelter turned around to see where it was. He supposed he could work there. He then turned to the gem cutter and the cook. Kelter looked back to Rajir.

"Forging weapons it is, then." He would've gone with the camels just for a chance at getting some cool water although doubted that they would be obedient enough to compensate for his short stature. He looked back at the forge but couldn't quite see what he was looking for. "Do you have a grindstone? Could I use the forge for myself? I'll try not to hinder Tah-year's work, of course." Kelter began to take off his jacket slowly, still mindful of his injured arm, as he waited for an answer.
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