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Ryvala nodded to all of the people around her. It seemed that the general consensus was that they were tired with the exception of the dwarven man that Kayra referred to as Andric and the furball referred to as "Short Man." She was beginning to wonder about a man that didn't seem to have a name. Her eyes came across the drow as he spoke. At times, it almost seemed as if he craved some form of leadership, someone to tell him what to do and where to go despite his own agendas to learn more in depth things of a more arcane nature. I don't have any reason to kill a lot of the people that live in the Hole. There are only a few that I might go out of my way to injure, but for now, I have my eye set on only one thing and I will get it before I leave there. I don't have the feeling that I will have to cut my way through the entry just yet. She shrugged and then looked around. Her sights set on Rajir and she let loose a loud whistle that made the man spin towards her out of startlement and nothing more. Rajir, I have need of you!

The man came over at a decorous pace, not one to appear to be on anyone's terms but his own. What is it, Vala?

Most of us are fairly exhausted from the desert air and would be pleased if you would be so kind as to lend us the innards of your fine tent. The other, Andric, seeks work while we would sleep. Have you any for him or one of your family seek one of strong back and sound arms?

The dark skinned man's face was unreadable beneath his face wrap as he remained silent for a while, considering. As you will, Vala. I will not do you any favors after this last one unless you repay me for others owed. Your friends can stay in my tent. There should be enough rugs to sleep upon. And please use a brush on your hair. It is so tangled that none would look upon you with favor. He waved at them to leave before he turned to the dwarf in need of work.

Ryvala turned and began to lead them towards Rajir's tent nearby the edge of the camp's perimeter. Come on.

Kayra looked back towards Andric, frowned a little bit before she dashed back to him, to kiss him quickly on the cheek again before running back after Ryvala. Bye, Andric! We'll be in that tent over there. The tent that they entered was a gold and white striped pavilion. It was large with a bright green flag flying from the middle of its top. The inside of the great tent was sectioned by hanging curtains of many shades of colors. Behind one, a simple diningroom set of table and chairs without any food laid out. Another seemed to be a master bedroom with a straw matress and satin sheets. There were furs and rugs and blankets, hanging tapestries, a weaving loom, bones, and a few empty sections. Towards the back of the large tent was a section with mats lying out on the floor. It was here that Ryvala led them to. Okay, you can all pick a rug to sleep on. They are all nice and thick. They'll keep the sand off of you and keep you from sinking.

There were three rugs laid out, but they were oversized and large enough for three people per each one. Jik immediately jumped on the one closest to the outer wall of the tent and Kayra took one in the middle. Ryvala sat down on the last one, yawning.

Rajir stood next to the dwarf as his friends went away and looked the man over. You look strong, but I have no need for strong men. My weaving loom is not for you. You should go speak to my nephew, Jehwit. Red tent by the camels. The man pointed the way for him to go. He might have some camel washing for you to do. Or, if that is less pleasing to you, you might check with our other artisans if you have a familiarity with our crafts. Down there is Tahyr, our weapons forger. Over there is Ah-Hylisa, our cook. Our gem cutter, Fyiort, is next to her. You may look around and find someone suitable. The pay won't be much, but it will be pay. Rajir waited to see if the dwarf man had any more questions before he would depart. One never knew if there would be a question to be answered and the man was very hospitable to potential customers in his oasis.
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