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Nymmur’ss nodded, considering Ryvala’s desire to get in and out cleanly. While the excitement of a fight would be enjoyable, he realized it was probably better for all of their interests if a fight was unnecessary. “Yes, you’re right. And if we fought, I would have even less of a chance of meeting a mage than I would under normal circumstances, particularly since in these situations, if one does have to fight, it’s generally inadvisable to leave anyone alive to come after you later, and I doubt you want to kill all of your former allies over a simple change of leadership.

Of course, this was an assumption. If Nymmur’ss encountered those of his house, he’d be quite content to kill them all so that he could know that no one was coming for him. The drow, after all, have weak family ties, and his mother and sisters were his masters and enslavers, and that most definitely severed any compassion he may have been able to feel for them. Although, being a drow it was quite possible he could not have felt it anyway.

Although I am making an assumption, I know that it is quite possible that you may enjoy killing them, should the necessity arise. Still, I promise to do whatever I can to avoid such a fight, but to give it all my effort should such a battle arise. Like you said, why burn bridges if we don’t have to?

As for sleep, if they got the opportunity to do so, Nymmur’ss would not object, since none of them had gotten a lot of rest, but if they didn’t, then that would be fine as well. However, he did listen for whether or not there was work. If so, he might as well pass the time doing that, since he was out of coin and may need some later.
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