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Lan looked around the slightly seedy inn. It wasn't the type of place he would usually frequent, and it lacked a bard tonight as well. However, this inn had more people in it than The Black Cat, and many of them had a slightly distasteful air about them. However, there was one man, sitting at the bar, who seemed a little better dressed. The blade at his side was not cheap, and it was well kept, and the bow slung over his back was even more so. Lan flicked his ears around, and tried to block out some of the more annoying sounds of the many men who frequented the tavern portion of the building. A slender slip of a maid seemed to dance through the crowd, bringing pints with her, food, and collecting money. She dodged frisky men and their reaching hands, never even letting them catch a piece of her skirt. Lan caught her with a clearing of his throat as she passed by. "Miss, may I have a moment?"

The young woman, her brown hair and plain features slightly startled, turned, and then broke into a grin that turned her from plain into almost beautiful. "Aye, wut c'n I do fer ya, Mister?"

"Who's that man by the bar? The one with the bow."

A chuckle slipped from the girl. "Doncha know, Mister? Tha' there's the rang'r in the town. He's known as Borad 'roun' here."

"Thank you, Miss" She dipped and danced off once more.


Kat twisted slightly as Collin pulled her into his embrace, but as he pressed his lips to her skin, she didn't protest, merely kept her eyes on the elf, another invader. She was used to how her husband mumbled, and so understood what he said easily. She seemed to soften, her gaze moving away from it's icyness, her face losing its irritated expression. "Many.. And thank you." The words were slightly forced, but Kat couldn't ignore one who was willing to comfort Collin when he was out of sorts. He rarely had scares anymore, but most people gave him a wide berth anyways. She wondered sometimes if he was lonely, or if her company was really all he needed.

Her voice was still chilly as she spoke again, but there was a note to it that told of a side few ever saw of the half drow. "I hope you'll feel welcome to stay here. We don't charge much usually for sleep, but the comfort your company brought to Collin can't go unacknowledged. Few people care to come near him when he's... agitated." Her voice hardened a little, but her eyes remained softer in their intensity. Her hand moved up to lace her fingers among Collin's, a gesture that she had become fond of as they had spent time together. "Is there anythign we can do for you?"

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