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Nyre nodded and began walking to the next inn. It was irritating that she had to go to another place simply because of a halfbreed with an ill temper. "Lady Rogue" or not, it was still a beast, a creature, nothing more or less. Unfortunately, the next inn seemed less upkept than the Black Cat Inn and seemed a bit more... seedy. The drow sighed and made her way into it. Lan, find me someone more... knowledgeable looking. All males look moronic to me. It was hard to tell one human from another and more so when they were male. Even from a different species approach, all males looked the same and stupid. Except for draconians. With that one race, they seemed to have no gender at all, being scaley and whatnot. The drow folded her arms across her chest, standing proud and imposing whilst looking over the clientele and hoping that Lan would find a decent person to ask for information.


Collin smiled fondly as his shapely wife plucked up his hand and placed one of her sweet kisses on his wrist. Kenosha turned away from the moment of personal intimacy, not wanting to intrude. From what she had glimpsed of "Kat," she appeared to be half drow and half human, well armed, and her acid voice cut through quite clearly. It was only when she was addressed that she turned back towards Kat and Collin. The man still wore a smile even if Kat's face was pinched and irritable. The high elf simply gave a polite bow to the woman. My name is Kenosha. Your husband appeared to be distressed and I thought that I might be of assistance though he assured me that you would be following soon. She wanted the other woman to realize that she was not after her man in any form, save to be of help of course.

Collin pulled the woman into his arms, wrapping them about her shoulders possessively before laying soft kisses on her exposed neck. She's looking for someone. I thought you might be able to help. She seems kindly. He muttered it into her flesh, breathing in her scent. She was nice enough to help me make tea. There were no demands. He spoke softly, calmly. Being near her and away from the loud drow from earlier was returning him to himself instead of the trembling thing he was earlier.

Kenosha pulled some tea leaves from the wooden boxes that Collin had pulled out. Did you like many leaves in your tea, my lady? Or just a few?

See? Very polite. Just tea. She pulled out the little plates for the cups. He wrinkled his nose up after the last statement because he could still see no purpose for the saucers.
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