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Kelter placed his remaining coin into the merchant's hand and waited for him to ready their meal, listening to the rather one-sided conversation going on around him. Kelter was in no position to fight, but if it came to that he could sneak into the camp and work his magic there. He only needed one hand to use his dagger and now that his injuries weren't as bad, he could still be quiet and deadly when it counted.

Kelter took the skewers of hare meat from the merchant and nodded in thanks. The smell wafted up into his nostrils and Kelter was suddenly a great deal hungrier. He handed one of the sticks to Kayra and took a bite out of his own. Ryvala was right: it wouldn't have been worth five copper for the amount of meat that they'd gotten, but it was nice and refreshing to eat something that actually tasted like food.

He turned to Ryvala. "Know if any work needs doing around here?" he asked, swallowing his food. He wiped his mouth with his arm as uncouthly as he could (but not ridiculously so), suddenly concious of his true self being revealed again. "I need both coin and something to do if we are indeed staying here for the next few hours, so I suppose I'll have to turn to honest work." Or dishonest work, depending on how these people operated, he thought.
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