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Ryvala pulled two copper from her purse and pushed them into Kayra's hands. Two skewers of hare for five copper. Final offer. You know it's not enough meat for even that.

The merchant scowled and opened his hand palm up to the dwarves. Nice to see you too, Vala. Fine, deal. I don't want a fight with you. I saw what you did to Hyir last time you were in. Kayra smiled widely and placed her two coppers onto the man's upright palm and waited for Andric to put his money there as well before the merchant would give them the merchandise.

The wood elf looked at the drow with his questions. There is the possibility of a fight, yes. There always is. A raider guild changes hand often enough. I may be welcomed in with equal possibility. We won't know until we're there. It's how everything goes. I would much prefer to get in and get out cleanly. There is always the possibiity that I might need them again. Why burn bridges when you don't have to? She shrugged, wrinkling her nose. It's not far from here anyway.

Do you think we can sleep first? The dwarven woman yawned. She had stayed up the whole evening to steer the camel about the same as Ryvala and Jik had, but she was not used to the sleep deprivation.

Maybe, Kayra. I could beg a favor from Rajir to see if we could sleep for a few hours in his tent. It's still early and the noise won't come until later when other nomads and raiders come in to trade. If we're even luckier, I might find someone I know who can tell me the current situation on the Hole.

Jik sidled up closer to the group, trying to smile. Jik does like sleeping.
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