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Seeing Ryvala heading over with a bag of coins, Nymmur’ss told the dwarves quietly, so the vendor couldn’t hear, “If the vendor is unwilling to make a deal, it seems that Ryvala is on her way back.

The implication being, of course, that she was coming back with the funds from selling the camels, and while he didn’t know if she was willing to split the money or not, he suspected she’d at least be willing to part with one coin. Tucking his dried fruit back in the pouch, since he’d eaten all his dried chicken, Nymmur’ss began walking over to Ryvala, getting in hearing range just in time to hear Jik’s exclamation. Nymmur’ss smiled.

Am I hearing correctly?” he asked as he drew near, “That someone’s going to try to kill us? Because if so, I look forward for a chance to test out some of my new purchases.

His attitude was different from Jik’s, as fighting and killing were quite simply a way of life for the drow. Besides, with a fresh supply of bolts and a new knife that seemed to be of reasonably high quality, the drow felt refreshed enough to get into another spot of trouble. Granted, he had wounds that were still healing, but he was a drow, and as such he knew that the world would never wait for him to heal before throwing new challenges at him, so he may as well relish engaging with them. Besides, he certainly didn’t want to end up sounding like Jik.
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