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Kelter unseated himself from the camel and landed on the opposite side of where Kayra had dismounted. He slipped off his hood only to run a hand through his hair, meaning that it looked slightly more orderly than it did before. He assumed that he had been nuzzling against Kayra in his sleep, or perhaps it was simply the bumpier parts of the camel ride that turned his hair into an uneven mess. Kelter more readily accepted the latter. He slipped his hood on again despite the heat building up at the back of his neck and realised that Kayra was speaking.

"No doubt the colours are just to garner attention," he said in reply, casting a quick glance around at the tents. He was going to say something else, perhaps something that made continuing conversation a little easier, when a yawn interrupted him and, by the time he had fully recovered, Kayra was already looking at one of the stalls. Kelter walked around to her, the smell of meat drawing his interest, and he probably didn't need to duck under the camel's head although did anyway as a precaution, probably just to avoid getting too close to it.

He saw her checking herself for money and, after she failed to find any in both of her pockets, Kelter looked in his own money pouch. He had three copper left. He remembered where the rest of it had gone and looked up at Kayra briefly. He put on a small smile as he remembered telling the bouncer that ran her brothel that she was the best he'd ever had. That was certainly true now. He then quickly remembered everything that had happened since then and, despite having the wounds to prove it, couldn't quite believe that it had all happened.

Suddenly, buying her something didn't seem like such a good idea. He didn't know when he'd be able to get his hands on a decent amount of coin again and decided that the amount in his coin purse would have to last him until he did. He simply slipped his coin purse back onto his belt, his stomach grumbling where he refused to. He then thought that maybe the merchant would be up for bargaining. He stepped towards Kayra.

"Do you think he'd sell us two for seven copper? I've only got three on me at the moment and I wouldn't want to dig into your purse for such a thing."
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