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Ralin shifted a bit, cursing his accomplices for being so clumsy and getting themselves noticed by the swordsman. He was sure at this point that the woman wasn't going to be much of a problem, she didn't really look like a fighter. However, the horse-thing was another story...

It looked like a warrior, but he couldn't be sure, then again it was fairly obvious; the armor, the weapons. Ralin was almost sure it would be a problem, but his primary concern was the man, that bloody swordsman who killed his father just earlier that day, and had hunted the rest of his group down.

"Bandits" they were called by society, but what were they really? Just poor men trying to make a living, perhaps not the greatest choice, but regardless.

His knives out, Ralin tensed and prepared himself. He was positioned behind the tree that the woman had been sitting against and stepped out, making a dash toward the swordsman, and hoping he could manage a few cuts before anything else happened as he cried. "Vengeance for the lost!!!"


Sage had his sword in hand by the time the first bandit emerged from behind the tree Selisis had been sitting against. Even more, he brought the weapon to bear against that foe, recognizing the young man from earlier, he steeled his heart, and cut at the man's neck with a lazy chop.

It was only a moment later that he noticed there were more than he originally thought that he had missed...

One, two... there's around five of them... This is my fault. I should have...

And his mind was diverted back to his current predicament.
Selisis drew her Katana, not quite sure what to make of it.

Vengeance for the lost? She thought to herself, not quite making sense of it at first.

Wait, could it be these are bandits that Sage missed?

She watched as several more emerged from the bushes and one of them came after her.

She managed to clumsily turn aside his first blow, but didn't really want to hurt him...

What do we do now...?
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Here we go again... · Uruhyo Forest

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