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Pheena was strangely fascinated with the sounds that people made as they walked through the torchlit streets. Jingle jingle. She followed the loudest noises for a while. A man with violet boots, a lady with a green dress, an older gentleman with a gray beard. Jingle jingle. The man with the violet boots was the loudest and she instinctively stuck to whatever shadows she could as she silently followed him. As he turned a corner, she pulled her hood up over her head and followed close behind. Nearer and nearer she crept, watching his body language and his pockets carefully. Then she saw the pouch attached to his belt. THERE!

Her dagger slid quietly out from its sheath and she broke into a quick run. The half elf only had one chance at this, she knew. Go! She bumped into his back and kept on running. The instant of contact was the instant of procurement. The dagger swept forward, severing the fabric of the pouch. Her hand caught it as it fell the short distance in that small window of time. Her feet carried her onward.

Hey! Hey! Stop! The man scowled heavily at the rudeness of the hooded person and then briefly went to pat his coin pouch when he realized it was gone. Thief! Thief!

Pheena flowed back out onto a different street, pulling her hood back down and secreting the coin pouch into a pocket before walking quietly up the street, blending in with the people that were still out. Success! The half elf smiled widely before realizing that she hadn't come to this city alone. Oh my oh my oh my! Where are Koro, Fyra, and Oozork?! Have I lost them?

Now it was time to go searching. Wherever did they go?
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