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Fyra stalked nonchalantly into the city behind Pheena, nodding politely at the few guards lounging about at their stations. She kept an eye on the half-elf, watching to save her from any trouble she might get into, and her other eye was out for danger and potential profit. The Hiskr figured Koro would take care of himself. Looking around the crowded street, it was easy to see where the market place was, or more of, notice that the market was...well...everywhere. Rich merchents, mixed with buyers, poor, middle-class, and rich, and a variety of thieves, although they blended with a large amount of skill.

"Vladimir..." Safyra muttered as she spotted a familiar face. A human, bear-like, with a guard-like build and a intimidating style, was a rogue that she had met the first time she was here. He was her information source, and in return, she stayed out of his way and never tried to compete against him in any way. Heading towards him and the stall of metalwork and leather he stood in front of, she causually cut a heavy purse from a wealthy noble, and sauntered over to Vince.

Pretending to be interested in the merchant's wares, she mumured, "So, Vladimir, how's life treating you?" She looked up at him through thick eyelashes, noting the fake mustache that was across his lip. The bulky man, looking like a merchant, hid a jump of surprise.

"Fyr? By the Gods, I thought you would be dead three seconds after entering the jungle!" He whispered, looking as though he were still eyeing the goods in front of him. He reached out, picking up a intricate piece of metalwork, an armband. Spirals centered around a single eye. "You want it?"

Fyra eyed him, cautiously taking the armband from him, and examining it before looking up at him with a look of annoyance. "What do you want?" She demanded.

"Two meddling and threatening nobles killed." he said, failing to hide a slight cringe.

"No. You know I don't do killing jobs. Hire someone else. " She pushed the bracelet back into his hands. "I'll see you around." The black feline turned and searched for Koro among the crowd, moving with the people and lifting coins from pouches as she went.

Finding Koro, she hid her now slightly bulging money pouch in her bag, under her cloak, and looked around to find Pheena. "Where is your shop, Koro?" Her eyes scanned the crowd for the amnesiace half-elf as she spoke.
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