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Pheena's excitement was poorly contained at best as she scampered down the hill. It was easy to see that a "skip" down any hill would end poorly, but Pheena was Pheena and her girlish charms had little end. Perhaps it was simply due to her clumsy nature or perhaps dumb luck, whatever it was, it sent her tripping over a rock and tumbling down the hill in a haphazard fashion.

Her toe slid over the lumpy surface of the unseen rock, causing it to pull up from the ground just enough to send the half elf flying face first, end-over-end down the hill. It was perhaps good luck that she didn't skip on top of the venomous snake that would have been in front of her had she continued on her course. But when one is tumbling down a hill, one has little time to notice what one may or may not have avoided.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh--OOF! Clods of dirt and grass flipped up around her as she landed heavily back onto to earth. With a groan, she sat up, holding her head. Owie... Her wincing eyes opened wider as she realized that she was facing a wall. Stone...? A wall! The city? The city!

Her roll had taken her from nearly the top of the hill to the bottom of it in little time at all. Pained and dizzy, Pheena couldn't help but gape, her mouth wide open like a fish. Oh my oh my oh my oh my OH MY! The simple street lights glimmered gently around the corner of the wall she faced, things sparkling in the light. Her hands suddenly ached to touch the sparkling masses of whatever. It was a strange compulsion, but one that she was feeling regardless as she pulled herself to her feet, still rubbing her head and its mussed up blond hair.

She began to walk in, forgetting momentarily that she had not come to this place alone and that Koro and Fyra were following her. I must... take it... Upon the cobblestone street was a simple copper coin. Phen simply could not pull her eyes off it and began to walk slowly towards it in an almost cat-like motion, stalking the inanimate object. Her eyes were fixated on that small copper coin when something dark crossed her vision.

Oh look! A copper! What luck! The man picked up the coin and continued on his way. Pheena's eyes had widened, her lips stuck in a pouting fashion, hand outstretched, as she stared at the place where the coin had been. But... but... mine...

At least she had made it to the city.

((We can make a new thread now if you guys want to. ^_^ ))
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