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His eyes locked onto the city as they all stood still on the hill, Koro is quite amazed by the fact that they reached the city so soon. Really he could not tell how long they were running. The tense atmosphere in that jungle was all that he was thinking about during that frantic rush to the edge of the jungle. Time just did not flow right during that time, what felt like a few minutes could have well taken the entire day. No amount of reasoning could ever satisfy Koro, so he let out a breif sigh and thought to himself Well then, time flies when your life is in danger I suppose. Still gripping on to the dirty rock, Koro still started to ease up as thoughts of returning home came through. Wonder if she did well today . . .

It's... It's huge! I never knew that-- I mean, it's just big!

"Yeah, it's a huge city that I live in."

So... are we going to sleep at Koro's shop tonight? Is it big enough for all of us? Ooooooh! This is going to be so exciting! Look at it!

"Im sure there is enough room for all of us to sleep there. Save us some money and all that."

He followed after Pheena shortly after she began her travels down the hill.
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