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Tylan lowered his ears, Who said it was blamed upon her? She never gave me a chance to introduce myself. His eyes let a little of his frustration show, but a deep breath soothed him and he spoke once more. "Ma, is not my Matron, or anyone's for that matter. She is an innkeeper, of little power of any sort." He twitched his ears to listen behind him for a moment and then spoke once more, using his own knowledge of the city."There isn't a matron of this area. There is a man, who fancies to call himself King, though truthfully he only rules over the thieves and rogues of the area. And you will not find him by looking at houses. They are all the same here."

Lan pulled his banded tail up to hook it over one arm, tip twitching nervously. He didn't want to be attacked by her, but wasn't yet ready to give up on following his newest attraction. Green eyes blinked slowly. "Honestly, I doubt he came into the city... you see, people remember drow faces. They're rare, and thus something to gossip about. It looked as if he was near a small village in the smoke-mirror whatchamacallit..." He faded out, wary of her temper.
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