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His nose wrinkled in distaste as he followed her into the Gutter Town. The smell of piss was rank in the air, made worse by the heat of the day, and it offended his senses. He shuddered, keeping away from alleys as he walked and followed her, adn watching as an orc sidled up, and then quickly moved away from her. It was then that she turned around. Knowing he had been seen, he walked closer, his nose wrinkling in disgust, and his paws stepping in the cleanest of areas he could find. Green eyes looked up at the taller woman, and his skin shuddered under his coat. "I have no need of coins from you, lady. What I want is to help you." And to get out of this disgusting place, have a bath, be brushed by a pretty maid.. Maybe I should've stayed at Ma's for another night.

His ears turned sideways in annoyance, "And, Mistress, if you so please, I would much prefer being called Lan, to hiskr. How would you feel if everyone referred to you as 'drow'. It's very rude, I think." He looked around warily, watching for possible enemies. This place was altogether just too gross.
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