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Some of it was gradual, some of it sudden. The smell had been growing for a while and it took Nyre a while to figure out what it was. The smell of piss was hard to miss, but not the most easy to put a finger on. The streets turned darker gradually, the buildings seemed to change the most suddenly. Shabby dwellings were placed all over in a haphazard manner and even the long established looking places looked like they could collapse and take all their occupants with them. Nyre stopped on the border, listening to the quiet ruckus. A cat hissing, a bottle smashing, a prostitute giggling, a wet and meaty thunk, footsteps, a shout. It was much the same as the Underdark even as a breeze splashed a rotting fish smell into her nostrils, causing her to gag and choke.

A man in dark robes sidled out from the shadows. Terrible, ain't it? He was a half orc, the thin hair and mildly pointed ears helped as well as the piggish snout and beady eyes. First time, honey? He moved closer, his breath and clothes smelling like alcohol as well as something else that she couldn't place. Everyone has to hit rock bottom sometime. Just come with me and I can show you a good time. A very good time. I have a finger that has an itch and I know that you have the best sort of pocket for that finger.

The only acknowledgement she gave him was a look out of the corner of her eyes. You will keep your finger to yourself unless you would like it cut off. Do I make myself clear, male?

The half orc startled, realizing the deadly tone in her voice even with it mildly muffled within her hood. I--

Perhaps you don't understand the question. If you say "no," I will cut off the offending bit of your anatomy. If you say "yes," you will turn and depart immediately or I will cut off the offending bit of your anatomy. I repeat for the very last time: Do I make myself clear, male? Her hand reached dramatically to the hilt of her sword and settled there.

Yes! He turned and receded into the dark alleyway he had come out of. Crazy bitch... She ignored his last remark, released the hilt of her weapon and began her descent into the hell of the upper world. Squalor, poverty, the depths of civilized misery and depravity all in the same place.

She glanced backwards to make sure that the half orc had truly gone and caught sight of the hiskr from the merchant street. Nyre stopped and turned around fully to face the path that she had come from. What do you want, hiskr? I have no coins for you.
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