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He followed her diligently through the streets, falling farther behind as the streets became less crowded. He didn't want to be caught, obviously. But when she came to the temple district, he frowned. Where was she going, anyways? Observing her speak to a guard, he noted the disgusted look, frowned again, and then shuddered in annoyance. This whole thing was getting rather annoying,a nd wearing even on his patience and stubborn will.

It was when she started towards the east that he started to shiver while he followed her. There was only once place in the east side of the city that such a woman would go towards. Especially while looking for a rogue. He shuddered and stifled a groan as he followed her. Gutter Town was not his favorite place. Too many thought to pick on a small guy like him. But diligently, he followed, dreading every moment that took him closer to the dreaded town of rogues and ruffians.
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