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Nyre continued through the merchant alley, the smell of fish, bread, and other edibles alongside of tanned leather, shaving creams, and perfumes wafting like an unpleasant medley. Her feet became less loud as she moved purposefully like an animal. She only stomped when she wanted to, when it might get her something her quiet stride couldn't. Now that she felt that she was alone and no one was watching, she could be herself. The merchant alleyway held nothing for her so she continued moving. In fact, her circuitous route took her further, deeper into the maze of streets that City Randatria possessed. It was probably for the best though, her body kept taking her through streets that got less hectic as she moved until she was in the Temple District. It gave her room to move and breathe like a normal person instead of feeling claustraphobic. It was quite lucky that she ran into a female guard. The guard hadn't even looked female until she turned around.

Nyre's face turned into a momentary smile of surprise which she quickly smothered into her regular sober appearance. Greetings.

Uh, greetings? Can I help you? The woman was a wood elf, her face freckled with all sorts of blemishes, what the surfacer would call freckles. Her ruddy brown hair was straight, boring, and cut in a straight line at the end.

I know not whether your Matron is nearby or not, but I am searching for an escaped male. He goes by the name Cammar. Nyre was already reaching for her bottle as the surface Matrons were fools. Any female on the surface was bound to know as much as one of their Matrons.

You drow types. I just don't get you. If you're looking for an escaped male, you need to go to Gutter Town. Nyre was opening her mouth to ask where Gutter Town was when the woman grinned and answered before the question was asked. Gutter Town is down by the Gates on the East Side. It's where the thieves and rogues run the streets, practically. It's easier for a... male or someone else who's down on their luck to find friends. Or a less than legal job. If your male friend--

I have no friends. He's simply a male of my House.

Okay, if your escaped male was in Randatria, someone there would either be able to tell you where he went or you can pay someone to find out. I don't like encouraging crime and I'd suggest that you just try looking somewhere in one of the nearby villages instead. Gutter Town is not a good-- Once again, Nyre cut her off.

I am fully equipped to deal with whatever and whomever gets in my way. I will go now with this information and will hopefully find that which I seek. Fare you well. Blessings of Vacellessa on your House.

The wood elf looked after the quickly moving drow with a look of disgust on her face. Vacellessa? You've got to be kidding me...

Nyre secured the bottle in her belt pouch, checking to make sure each button was tightly and securely tied shut. Gutter Town. Sounds like a good place for information. I will have to find the Matron of Gutter Town.

She continued on towards the East Gate, home of the worst and most seedy brothels, taverns, and inns that anyone could imagine. Every alleyway was inhabited, every underground duct or tunnel occupied by someone or something. The place was filthy and even the guards wouldn't head in there for fear of their lives, but that's exactly where Nyre was headed.
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