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Ears flattening in slight frustration as she started to stomp away, he grumbled for a moment. Would flattery and groveling get her to accept his help? Probably not. After all, he was inconsequential. What did he matter to her?No one else will help you, woman! But he started after her, weaving through traffic, following her cloak before it disappeared. Maybe after she got lost, misdirected or had little success after a while, she would become more agreeable. His tail swung loosely in irritation as he stalked along behind her, keeping a safe distance and following easily.

Glory, she's powerful. He grinned slightly as he returned to more amorous thoughts. I like it. She was also unattainable, but he didn't care. Many women were unattainable to him. But there was something about furless ones, how they usually marveled over his fur and pampered him like a pet. Mayhaps he was not the warrior types that some liked, but he was fascinating in his own way. Maybe he did not get so many women chasing him, or wanting him as a mate, but he got his share of highborn friends. He settled into an easy stride, planning to follow her all day if needed, knowing that if nothing else, one of his lady friends, most likely his more recently acquired one, Lady Hanburg, would help them as much as she could, if he asked it of her nicely.

Even if it were no more than some money and rations, he had a feeling there was a rather long journey ahead of Nyre'venon, and she would not find good deals anywhere, because of fear and prejudice. She'll come around. He thought to himself.
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